8 quilting sayings we can all relate to

TQ Bobbin quote

Here’s some of our favourite quilting wisdom that captures the reasons the highs and the lows of being a quilter…

We first got the idea to create a series of quilting wisdom posts to share with our readers last Autumn after watching Alias Grace. The dramatised version of Margaret Atwood’s novel was released on Netflix in 2018, and it was our Technical Editor Laura who was the first to tip the rest of us off about the abundance of quilting themes and quotes that the series contained.

There really are too many beautiful quilting quotes in Alias Grace to include them all in this post, but we recommend it for anyone who enjoys reading books with a sewing theme. Inspired by the book, we’re sharing a collection of some of our favourite quilting memes and sayings, as gathered by the Today’s Quilter team. Have we missed out your favourite? Let us know!

8 of the best quilting quotes

TQ Bobbin quote

Ah the pain of quilting your best pattern, only to discover the bobbin thread ran out 10 minutes ago…

TQ Measure twice

So so true, and yet we still sometimes forget and are filled with regret!

Todays Quilter Quilt til you wilt

This pretty much sums up our life mantra

Today's Quilter Love Me, love my stash

Not that our stash is out of control of course, oh no…

Todays Quilter A quilt will warm you

Possibly the truest of all the sayings on this page…  quilts bring us comfort in more ways than one.

TQ soul is full of needle and thread

This explains why we haven’t put down a needle since we learnt to sew at school.

TQ Finished is better

Because imperfections just mean something was made with love (so we tell ourselves when our mitred corners are off-kilter).

TQ A good day

That feeling when we have a whole weekend day stretching ahead and nowhere else to be… bliss!

Have we missed out your favourite quilty quote from this list?

Get in touch and tell us about it! We’ll add our favourites to this post. You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!

In case you’re wondering…

The initial quote Laura found, from Margaret Atwood’s novel, was:

“The other quilt was called Attic Windows; it had a great many pieces, and if you looked at it one way it was closed boxes, and when you looked at it another way the boxes were open, and I suppose the closed boxes were the attics and the open ones were the windows; and that is the same with all quilts, you can see them two different ways, by looking at the dark pieces, or else the light.”

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