Get Creative with Colour!

Delve into the relationships between colour! Issue 47 comes with two exclusive gifts – a interactive colour wheel to help you mix and match colours like a pro, plus a 28-page project book which is packed with features on colour theory, expert tips and tricks, and stunning quilt and cushion patterns for you to sew.

Todays Quilter issue 47 colour wheelHow do you choose the colours of your quilting fabrics? Is it by an organic process where you work with a loose colour scheme, adding colours as you go? Or do you scientifically mix and match with a deliberate intent to create a specific look?

Whichever your preferred method, you’ll find your colour wheel and pattern book gift set invaluable when making decisions at your sewing table, stocking up on fabrics at your local craft shop or spending time jotting down design ideas in your notebook.

Whether it’s calming or exciting, serene or dramatic, the wheel lets you see how colours look together based on where they sit on the wheel in relationship to each other. Spin the wheel to swot up on different palettes, discover what rules they follow, and what moods they convey in the viewer.

Then turn to your pattern book for further inspiration and to sew Vendulka Battais’ beautiful Cathedral Windows quilt and cushions set – it’s a glorious celebration of colour and shape!

Don’t miss out, buy your copy today!

Todays Quilter issue 47 colour quilt