Perfect your piecing every time with our quarter inch gift set

TQ43 Quarter inch ruler and seam marker

Add a 14in seam allowance quickly and easily to any piece or template you’re working on with our gift set – only available with issue 43!

TQ43 seam allowance gift setA quilter’s favourite measurement has surely got to be the quarter inch. This humble space is needed for almost every stage of making a quilt, whether you’re adding it to appliqué templates or cutting the extra allowance on your fabric – we measure, add and cut a quarter inch all the time.

So we’re very excited to share our easy-to-use Quarter Inch Ruler and Seam Marker gift set. For the seam marker, simply insert a mechanical or sharp pencil into the hole and trace around your shape or template to add a quarter inch seam allowance. This handy tool is particularly good when tracing circles or shapes with curved edges.

The ruler, with the quarter inch marked out in colour, will help you add seam allowances to straight shapes and is great when trimming seam allowances during Foundation Paper Piecing. Plus, it can be used for marking quarter inch lines for quilting. Once you’ve started using this handy gift set, you’ll never look back!

Issue 43 is out this Thursday. Pre-order your copy today.