Psst! First look at our new Seam Presser tool!

Todays Quilter seam presser tool

Put the hot iron away and power through your patchwork and quilting faster with our handy seam-pressing tool – only available with issue 49 of Today’s Quilter magazine.

Forget all the stopping and starting that’s involved with pressing your seams with a hot iron. Instead of getting up from your machine and walking over to your ironing board over and over, save time and legwork with our handy seam-pressing tool. Whether you press open or to one side, this month’s gift will make a grand job of flattening those seam allowances, so you can get on with sewing your next pieces together.

The roller makes light work of the task as it glides smoothly over the fabric without dragging on the cloth and distorting fabric. Simply place your stitched work, wrong side up, on a stable surface, arrange the seam as preferred and roll the tool over the top, back and forth, applying a little pressure. And that’s it, job done!

It works equally well with curved seams and straight seams, and we find it especially useful when making “stitch and flip” blocks or for fiddly foundation piecing, both of which require very regular pressing.

So, now you can quickly stitch up blocks while keeping your iron switched off and enjoy less to-ing and fro-ing – with the added benefit of saving on your energy bill! We wouldn’t be without ours.

Get your seam presser with issue 49 of Today’s Quilter magazine,  in shops Thursday 16th May 2019 or available to pre-order now in our online store.

What will you make?

We’d love to see what you make with your seam presser. Whether small or large, we’re always excited to see your projects. Drop us a line by email or write to Today’s Quilter, Immediate Media, Tower House, Fairfax Street, Bristol BS1 3BN, or share with fellow readers and tag us in a tweet or Facebook post – remember to attach a photo or three!

Todays Quilter Issue 49