Revealing our exclusive set of border stencils: out this week!

Todays Quilter quilting stencils

Finish off your quilts and projects in style with four stunning border stencils and a water-erasable chalk pencil for you to use to mark them up on your quilts.

We’ve designed this brand new quilting stencils set is especially by us for you, and they’re available this week with every printed copy of issue 36 of Today’s Quilter magazine! Pre-order your copy of issue 36 here to get your hands on them.

Adding the quilting is always a great moment when sewing a quilt. You’ve spent hours (sometimes weeks) making sure each block is pieced correctly, all points are sharp, seams match and everything is looking perfect. So it’s important to choose a quilting pattern that will really complement your design. Whether that’s quilting in the ditch, outlining particular shapes or doing an all-over design, the quilting plays an integral part in not  only finishing off all your hard work, but also really highlighting the design of the quilt top.

That’s why Technical Editor Laura Pritchard came up with these four elegant designs that can be used for borders, sashing strips and more. Made from durable plastic, the stencils are re-usable so you can add them to as many quilts, cushions or wall hangings as you like.

Using your stencils is easy

Simply line up your chosen design with your border or whatever section of the quilt you want to use them on (you can secure it in place with a low-tack tape if you want, or simply hold them down). Take your water-erasable chalk pencil and transfer the design along each of the channels, starting in the centre of the design and working out. When you’ve finished marking up the design, quilt along the chalk lines by hand or machine, as preferred. We like to work from the centre of the quilt outwards. To finish, wash the quilt to remove any markings.

See them in use!

Of course we couldn’t resist trying them out on a quilt too! We’ve asked Jane Alcock to use the stencils in her Diamond in the Square quilt (below) for issue 36!  Jane shows you how to join the stencil lines at corners, for seamless lines that meet neatly. Let’s get quilting!

Jane Alcock Diamond in the square quilt