Revealing our new Mini Block Rulers!

TQ48 mini quilt block rulers

Cut out precise patchwork pieces with this month’s exclusive new cover gift, out this week! Issue 48 comes with a trio of quilt block rulers to help you stitch the neatest of patchwork shapes.

Make light squares of cutting out squares, triangles and hexagons from 212in strips with this trio of mini block rulers. Simply place them on the fabric and then use to cut or mark out the design using your favourite method.

These block rulers are transparent, so you can see exactly where you’re positioning them on the fabric. And they’re marked with lines that connect in the middle to help you centre them on exact elements of a print, which makes them ideal for fussy cutting and trimming embroidered elements and shapes for appliqué projects too. Select the area of a design that you want to feature, place the ruler over this, match up the centre point with the design, and then make your cut.

In need of a little project inspiration to get you started? Use the tiangle and hexagon block rulers to sew Laura Pritchard’s gorgeous hanging storage pocket. We show you how in issue 48. This handy hoop hanging is perfect for keeping notions and haberdashery tidy, and it’s the ideal place to store your new mini block rulers as well!

Order your copy of issue 48 to get your hands on a set of rulers today