Sew 36 blocks in 4 different sizes

Issue 39 Today's Quilter supplement

Create blocks in various sizes and in our handy booklet with issue 39, we’ve done the maths done for you!

One of the joys of quilting is discovering a block you absolutely love, and then planning out the perfect design to show it off to its absolute best. But what if the block you’ve found only has instructions for one size, and you really want to make it larger or smaller?

We’ve all been there, the frustration of searching online for alternatives, or getting the calculator out and your brain in order as you try to figure out the maths involved for up-scaling or down-scaling the design… including each fabric piece that is required!

Carolyn Forster Quilt blocks

“One of my favourite things about patchwork is looking through books full of blocks, and thinking of all  of the possibilities they hold.” – Carolyn Forster, designer, teacher and author

That’s why we decided to team up with Carolyn Forster to come up with this handy booklet to solve such dilemmas. Carolyn got to work and has come up with 36 gorgeous blocks. She then did all the maths for you so you can produce each one in four different sizes – how fab is that?

Sew 36 quilt blocks

The blocks are also a mix of 4×4 and 5×5 base grids. So, why not create Carolyn’s sampler quilt that includes all 36 blocks?