Take a quilt trip with a historical twist

Did you know that last Friday was National Harriet Tubman Day? We love sharing the stories of the remarkable women who came before us, and Harriet’s story is as fascinating as they come. So we’re excited to hear that Mandy Shaw is planning a special quilting holiday later this year, inspired by Harriet and the history of New England quilts.

Harriet Tubman is a famous civil rights activist who went from escaping slavery in the 19th century to becoming a prominent civil rights voice in American history. She served in the U.S. Army during the civil war, where she worked as a nurse, scout, spy, and soldier, and went on to become a prominent campaigner for civil rights. She’s set to replace Andrew Jackson on the front of the $20 bill, making her the first African American, and first black woman to appear on any US currency.

If you find her story as gripping as we do, Mandy Shaw’s once-in-a-lifetime quilting holiday to New England in the Fall will offer the chance to walk in Harriet’s footsteps and enjoy a heritage-themed holiday this Autumn. The 9-night trip will be jam-packed with quilting history, and is topping our holiday wish list for 2017…

New England in Fall

New England Quilts in the Fall: The Harriet Tubman Story and Niagra Falls is taking place from 27th September to 6th October 2017, and will be hosted by Stitchtopia holidays. They’ve lined up a glorious mixture of quilting, history and the autumnal splendours of Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and New York State for quilt fans to enjoy. We’re itching to go along and join in the fun!

Quilt exhibition

The 9-night holiday will include…

  • Joining Mandy Shaw to follow in Harriet Tubman’s footsteps: replicating her fascinating story in quilt blocks along the way.
  • A guided sightseeing tour of the historic city of Boston, including a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts (home to a stunning textile collection)
  • Visits to the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell and the Bennington Museum, home of the Jane Stickle quilt.
  • Browsing for patterns and fabrics at the famous Keepsake Quilt Shop.
  • Two hand quilting workshops with Mandy herself.
  • A visit to Niagara Falls in Canada and a stay in the iconic city of Toronto.

Fancy a heritage-packed quilting getaway?

If you’re all ready to pack up your portable patchwork and set off on a quilting adventure with Mandy, call Stitchtopia on 01473 633 506 or visit their website for more details of this, plus other quiltastical mini breaks.

Jackson Falls

Jackson Falls, New Hampshire