Come along and meet our editor Jenny

Festival of quilts 2016

Fancy meeting our editor Jenny and getting the inside scoop on what it’s like to have the best job in the world, editing quilting magazines? Jenny will be hosting a fabric-tastic talk and Q&A at this summer’s Festival of Quilts in Birmingham and she can’t wait to meet you!

You can catch Jenny’s talk, ‘What Does the Editor Do?’ on Saturday 13th August at 3.30pm. To book tickets, plus a slot on Jen’s Saturday session, visit the Festival of Quilts website. You can find more details in the Workshops & Talks area for the site, & remember to quote ref IMMED16 when you book so we know you found out about it here!

Jenny Fox-Proverbs Today's Quilter

Meet Jen – our resident quilting expert, who dedicates her days to working with some of the best designers in the quilting world to feature their beautiful quilts in the magazine. She’s actually been working with craft magazines and books for 20 years so she’s a hive of knowledge of all things stitchy & patchworky! We love her eagle eye for perfect quilt photography,  plus she has the best necklaces in the TQ office and is unofficially responsible for keeping up the Today’s Quilter office emergency stash of Tunnocks tea cakes.