Festival of Quilts 2015 highlights

Janette Chilver Festival of Quilts

We were absolutely overwhelmed by the talent and design prowess on display at Festival of Quilts 2015.

The curated galleries contained quilt designs by much-loved names such as Philippa Naylor and Gloria Loughman, plus plenty of new talent in the graduate showcase area, as well as areas dedicated to artists from Russia, Mexico, Australia and more.

There were also new patterns and inspiration aplenty on the stalls. Here, Jenny Fox-Proverbs, editor of Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine and a member of the Today’s Quilter team, shares her pick of the quilt designs that caught her eye.


Asa Holmer, Sweden, Passacaglia in Blues

Jenny says: “I love this interpretation of La Passacaglia from the book Millefiori Quilts. The EPP pattern rose to cult status in the last year or so, with recreations all over social media, however I haven’t seen anything like this tonal blue version before, which puts a whole new spin on this endlessly versatile pattern.

“To find out more about the story of this modern classic, visit the Love Patchwork & Quilting blog.”

Asa Holmér Passacaglia quilt in Blues


Janette Chilver, UK, Kaleidoscope

Jenny says: “This pattern is from V&Co, it’s been machine pieced then long arm machine quilted using freehand and with ruler technique. Wool wadding gives a super-defined appearance reminiscent of a wholecloth quilt.”

Janette Chilver Festival of Quilts


Sue Palmer, UK, Hidden

Jenny says: “The appeal of this quilt lies in the fact it’s truly miniaturised! The small details of the cotton lawn print combined with precision-sharp points are what drew me in. Sue has maintained the same proportions throughout for a true miniature masterpiece.”

Sue Palmer Festival of Quilts


Region 8 young quilters, Bury St Edmonds UK, Sun Bonnet Sue

Jenny says: “This immediately reminded me of my love of Holly Hobby as a child. It’s so charming to see that the classic Sun Bonnet Sue still appeals to children today.

“Adult involvement was mostly Supervisory, leaving the children tp choose their own fabrics and embellishments. These children should be very proud of themselves!”

young quilters festival of quilts 2015


Cecilia Koppmann, Argentina, ‘…At Last Beholding’

Jenny says: “Although the inspiration for this quilt came from a 15th Century poem, it is undeniably 21st century in style. I was stopped in my tracks by the sheer presence and movement of this piece, and I can just imagine those pieced and fused pieces continuing to fall at any second – it’s a moment in time.”

Cecilia Koppmann Festival of Quilts 2015


Wendy Kennard, UK, La Peloton

Jenny says: “This pictoral machine pieced quilt uses a mix of cottons and silks to achieve its vibrant impact, added to by the rarely-seen landscape format. I love the rich, graphic colours of the cyclists’ lycra against the backdrop of greys and greens.

“Wendy has captured the main pack of riders cycling closely – called the ‘peloton’ – to reduce drag. You can almost hear the wheels whirring!”

Wendy Kennard Festival of Quilts 2015