Our favourite quilters: meet Mandy Shaw

Mandy Shaw

Quilt designer Mandy Shaw makes the loveliest of quilts, and her quilting story is rich with adventure. This weekend she’s back on TV showcasing some classic quilting and sewing projects!

We’re all dreaming of a quilting holiday….

Indian Textile Adventure

Our friends over at Stitchtopia are aways wowing us with their stitchy getaways, but two holidays especially have caught our eye this month… who’s up for sailing away on a quilting holiday with us?

Anyone for an Indian textile tour? *Us please!*

India textiles NEW

When we’re not busy working on our own quilts, we love to explore how textile fans around the world use fabric. So we’re excited to hear that quilting travel company Stitchtopia are planning an Indian adventure next Spring. Quilt pro Karin Hellaby will be leading the crafting and stitching trip to India in March 2018. Indian textiles are famed for their the rich textures and vibrant… Continue reading

Diary dates: Sew North = quilting with a view!

Sttichtopia Sew North

We love it when quilters gather together to swap skills and oggle each others’ quilting triumphs! The only thing that tops off a quality quilting get together is having it set in beautiful scenery, and Ireland’s Sew North event has it all. The ‘small but special’ quilt gathering takes place in the very north of the Republic of… Continue reading

Take a quilt trip with a historical twist

Did you know that last Friday was National Harriet Tubman Day? We love sharing the stories of the remarkable women who came before us, and Harriet’s story is as fascinating as they come. So we’re excited to hear that Mandy Shaw is planning a special quilting holiday later this year, inspired by Harriet and the history of New England quilts. Harriet Tubman… Continue reading