Behind the quilt: The Sidmouth Quilt

Behind the quilt Sidmouth revisited

When Susan Briscoe created her Sidmouth Revisited quilt for  issue 15 of Today’s Quilter magazine, she looked to the past for inspiration. Her scrappy medallion quilt is a fresh take on an early 19th century quilt in The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles’ collection. Susan had admired this quilt for a long time so, when the Guild reprinted the… Continue reading

How to knife-edge finish your quilts

How to knife edge a quilt Susan Briscoe Sidmouth quilt

Unlike most modern quilts, old British coverlets and quilts usually have a knife-edge finish rather than a binding. Like the original early-nineteenth century Sidmouth quilt from The Quilter’s Guild Collection, Susan Briscoe’s Sidmouth Revisited from Issue 15 (below) was finished in this way, which gives the quilt a firmer, flatter edge. Here, we’ll show you how… Continue reading

5 top tips for Sashiko stitching

Sashiko stitching

This month we’ve become ever-so-slightly obsessed with Sashiko stitching. We’ve always loved trying out traditional techniques on our quilts, and hand-stitching fits perfectly into the ‘slow stitching’ zone that’s fast becoming an addictive trend in the quilting and stitching worlds. Our new addiction was finally cemented when we put together our free Japanese Sashiko supplement for issue 13 of Today’s Quilter. In it, Sashiko… Continue reading

Templates for Today’s Quilter issue 3

Today's Quilter issue 3 issue cover

Download your templates for issue 3 of Today’s Quilter here. This 44-page exclusive supplement – Uncovering Frame Quilts – comes FREE with issue 3 of Today’s Quilter!   Issue 3 goes on sale 12th November with a FREE 44-page supplement celebrating Frame Quilts, and includes a brand new and exclusive project by Susan Briscoe! Downloading your… Continue reading