Circle cutting made easy…

Ah circles! How much time do you think we have collectively spent rummaging around our houses for the perfect sized plate, glass or roll of sticky tape to trace around, only to make a mess of cutting it out with scissors and then having to start all over again? Too much time is the answer! That’s why our issue 55, comes with a handy circle cutting tool that will help to streamline the process and put those rummaging days behind you.

The tool has been designed to be used with your roatary cutter so that you can cut seven different sized circles, semi circles or half-circles from fabric with both precision and speed – no scissors in sight! So, whether you’re doing applique, fabric folding, or anything else needing a perfect circle, your cutting-out process just got a whole lot easier.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use your new best friend:

1. Cut a square of fabric slightly larger than the diameter of the circle you want to cut. Fold the square into quarters.

2. Place the circle cutting tool on top of the fabric, lining up the marked lines with the folds.

3. Apply pressure to the tool to keep it in place, and carefully guide your rotary cutter along the channel of your chosen size. Note: For the tighter curves, you will need to use small rotary cutters with 28mm or 18mm blades. If you haven’t one to hand, the smaller circles can be marked with a mechanical pencil and then cut out free-hand.

4. To cut a semi-circle, use a fabric rectangle folded in half once and line up one fold marking with the fold and the other with the raw edge. For a quarter-circle, line up the fold markings with the raw edges of an unfolded square. It’s as simple as that!

Turn to page 73 of issue 55 of Today’s Quilter to get to grips with this handy tool and make a beautiful folded fabric wreath, designed by our very own Technical Editor, Laura Pritchard.