Hand-pieced sampler: How to frame your quilt blocks

Carolyn Forster's Hand-pieced sampler quilt block series, number 1

If you’re sewing along with Carolyn Forster’s hand-pieced sampler, follow this step-by-step guide to framing your quilt blocks as you go…

When you make this quilt, you will need to frame all twelve (12) sampler blocks and thirteen (13) lattice blocks. Bookmark these instructions so you  can use them to frame each block every month in the same way. For more about our Block of the Month series, you might also like:

You will need:

  • Background fabric for all frames – 212yds
  • Prints for all cornerstones – 12yd in total

Cutting out

Step one: From the background fabric, cut one-hundred (100) 212in x 1212in pieces. Four (4) for each block.

Step two: From the cornerstones fabric, cut one-hundred (100) 212in squares. Four (4) for each block.

Adding the frames

Step three: If you are going to add these by machine, square up your sampler block to ensure that it is 1212in square. If you are hand stitching the frames, you will be following the drawn lines so will not need to square up the block.

Step four: If you are hand piecing, remember you will need to draw lines on the WS of the fabric, 14in from the raw edge. Use a sharp pencil and your rotary ruler for accuracy. Remember to mark the corners, so you know where to start and finish stitching.

Step five: Stitch a background strip to the top and bottom of your block, as shown in Fig 1.

How to frame quilt blocks fig 1

Step six: Stitch a cornerstone to either end of the two (2) remaining background strips, as shown in Fig 2.

How to frame quilt blocks fig 2

Step seven: Attach the frames with the cornerstones on either side of the block, as shown in Fig 3.

How to frame quilt blocks fig 3

Step eight: If you are hand stitching, press all seams open. If machine stitching, press seams open at each stage.