How to use hand piecing templates

Templates are one of our favourite pieces of kit for getting neat results from our hand piecing! We’re so excited about our new issue’s free template set: if you haven’t used templates like these before, here’s how to use them…

Our Jewel & Hexie and Kite templates will help you create all sorts of beautiful hand-pieced designs. As well as these named shapes, you can use them to make half-hexies and large or small triangles, and arrange them to make your own beautiful creations. From tessellated hexagons and pyramids to kaleidoscopic stars and flowers, mix and match and let your imagination take over.

Just pick up a pencil and follow the simple instructions below. Don’t forget to pick up a copy of issue 31 to try your hand at Jane Alcock’s charming cushion designs (below) too.

Let’s get started!

Step one: Place the template on the wrong side of the fabric. Draw around all edges for the jewel, or three then rotate to complete the hexie (Fig 1).

how to use hand piecing templates

Step two: Holding the template still, mark the seam allowance dots through the holes (Fig 2).

How to use hand piecing templates step 2

Step three: Remove the template (Fig 3). Repeat to mark as many shapes as required for the pattern.

How to use hand piecing templates step 3

Step four: Carefully cut out each shape along the lines using scissors or a small blade rotary cutter (Fig 4).

How to use hand piecing templates step 4

Step five: Your shape is now ready to use. Turn to page 36 for Jane Alcock’s tips on how to stitch them together (Fig 5).

How to use hand piecing templates step 5

Step six: or a half-hexie, draw around the top three sides and mark the dots. Align the ¼in line on your ruler with the dots and complete the shape (Fig 6).

How to use hand piecing templates step 6

Ta da! Now you’ve cut out your fabric pieces, check out Jane Alcock’s guide for how to hand piece them to make these eye-catching cushions in issue 31….